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Most of us maintain some kind of security so that no intruder can get in. But what happens when we are the ones locked out? Whether it is your home, car or office. You're not alone hundreds of thousands of people lock themselves out of everyday in the United States.

For you safety and security we recommend that you visit this site before hiring a Locksmith. Legal Locksmith.com There are many "phony locksmith" or "scammers" out there that you need to protect yourself from. Consumers need to use due diligence when choosing a locksmith, whether for emergency service or any other security need. Remember when you choose a locksmith, you are giving them the authority to access your property and valuables. You need to be sure you are dealing with a reputable, legitimate business.


One of the most common scams happens when you lock yourself out. You go to your local yellow pages or online search engine looking for a locksmith to help you out. Most people tend to call the locksmith with the biggest or first ad thinking that they should be reliable when in fact many of these ads (not all) are placed by the very people who are offering a bait and switch scam. Many (not all) use 800 numbers that go into call centers all around the world.They will typically use internet advertising that doesn't allow for consumer reviews, instead they use testimonials.

When consumers call these companies they are usually quoted a very low estimate over the phone only to be hit with a bill extremely higher than the quote they were originally given. "Scammers" are only interested in one thing, and that is ripping off you the consumer. There have been tens of thousands of complaints to local and federal law enforcement agencies. With complaints of excessive charges and destruction of property.

A & B Mobile Lock is a mobile-only locksmith service company, providing on-site answers to your locking problems. We offer full service residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency lockout service since 1977. We are devoted to providing you with the most professional service while making an effort to provide the most reasonable price possible. Flat Rate Lockouts